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Shamrock-GREEN-Electric, a division of Sedco/Shamrock Electric, Inc., is dedicated to installing systems powered by renewable energy. Solar power is currently the most cost-effective way to generate your own energy and regain more control over your energy costs.

Shamrock-GREEN-Electric is run partially by solar power. Our solar power array is located on the south facing side of the Shamrock-GREEN-Electric building.

During daylight hours, the solar power array transforms sunlight into direct current (DC) energy. The 5.0 kilowatt system charges nine (9) 12-volt batteries to store the DC electricity during the day. Solar power generated after the batteries are fully charged is converted to alternating current (AC) and then back fed to the utility meter to reduce the amount of energy purchased at retail rates during the day.

At night, all of the exterior lights of Shamrock-GREEN-Electric are run by AC power converted from the solar power stored in the DC batteries.

In addition, the solar power charged batteries act as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for the critical components panel in case of a utility failure. The computers, telephones, and life-safety systems at Shamrock-GREEN-Electric all are backed up by the solar power stored in the DC batteries.

Shamrock-GREEN-Electric has partnered with SunWize Technologies to be our equipment supplier. All together you can have a turn-key approach to designing and building a solar power system that’s right for you.

With half a century of success in the greater Chicagoland area, Sedco/Shamrock Electric, Inc. and its subsidiaries are leaders in electrical contracting for the full range of energy/electrical projects. From design/build to retrofitting, Shamrock Electric is your source for expert, safe, and high-tech energy/electrical contracting.

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